Thursday, March 27, 2008

the world goes on and on

Two nights ago at school, in center campus, a Christian singer named Jessie Campbell gave a concert. Half the songs she sang are songs I learned at Teen Mania, and it made me a little bit homesick, or nostalgic, or something along those lines. I miss people who talk about God as though He's their best friend. I miss conversations revolving around God, faith, the Bible, etc. I miss that every week, sometimes every day (as happened at the end of my intern year) you could have an amazing conversation at dinner, in the dorms, or just about anywhere else. I miss sharing my heart. I do not, however, miss the demon ants. ;-)

I have six weeks left in school, then exams. I am trying not to think about the amount of work I need to get done between now and then.

BattleCry is this weekend, and I do not have the funds to go. I'm disappointed, but am making plans to go out to Texas again this summer. THAT would be amazing. I'm not able to go on a mission trip (at least, I don't think so), but...

I'm planning to go to the United Arab Emirates. In January. On a school trip. How amazing is that? We'll do all sorts of amazing things-visiting a mosque, learn about Islam from the imams (religious leaders), visit the U.S. Embassy, meet Christians living there (with the opportunity to discuss their experience living in a Muslim nation), visit museums and landmarks, a bazaar, a rural village and even an overnight "desert safari" including a stay in a Bedouin camp. WOW! Wow wow wow wow wow... And the cost, while not set in stone yet, is very affordable, especially with nine months to gather the money. I am so, so, so unbelievably excited about this trip! What an opportunity-to learn about Islam from the leaders themselves...oh, wow! *happysigh*

How are you, friends? I haven't heard from most of you in a while. That means you should drop me a line hello!

Blessings and peace to you.


Monday, March 24, 2008

It's been a while...

I stopped posting on here, first because I got busy, then because I had no desire for a Gmail account...but I missed the blog eventually so I broke down and got a Gmail account. Yeesh.

Too much to report on since my last post on I'll just start fresh.

I should be doing anatomy lab diagrams right now. Instead I'm playing with this site, trying to figure it out.

I have too many aquariums, according to my mother. I have found fishkeeping to be a fun and enjoyable hobby.

I'm a crafty girl. I've got probably four giant Rubber-maid tubs worth of cloth, beads, thread, wire, buttons, paint, brushes, rubber cement, magazine pictures, stickers, scrapbooking materials and more just waiting to be used. Yep, I'm a crafty girl. Too bad my time management needs improving...

I'm still humble. (If you know me, you'll find this entertaining. If you don't, sorry, you probably won't get it).

I cleaned my room. Like, really, really, that's-carpet-I-see clean (and if you've seen my room, you realize what an accomplishment this is). Then I promptly cluttered it up. Right now I see a basket of clean laundry waiting patiently to be folded, a box of craft things to be put away, shoes on the other side of the basket waiting to go in my shoe rack, a messy desk and dresser, and dirty laundry waiting for me to get around to it. Did I mention my time-management skills need improving?

I have a monstrous mystery snail in the tank on my bookshelf. Seriously, s/he's about the size of a golf ball. A purple golf ball that eats algae.

My walls have finally been decorated with lots of my artwork, pictures, postcards, etc. (as opposed to them decorating my floor...).

I love blue poster putty. It rocks.

I love purple, pink, and yellow, in that order.

I've realized the pointlessness of this post and have decided to draw it to a conclusion. Until next time-