Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I remember

Five years ago...I remember what I was doing, who first told me about the attacks, how things seemed to unfold, how I was frightened, angry, and confused...I was fifteen, a sophomore in high school. I remember the palpable change in the atmosphere at my school. I remember...God. Even though I wasn't seriously following him at the time, I remember. I remember the heartbreak of our nation, the strength we found somewhere deep within ourselves-that we didn't know we had. I remember the unity. I remember being so glad it was President Bush and not Gore in charge of kicking the bad guys' butts. I remember so much.

Life has changed. We've moved on. Things have improved-and gotten worse. Our world is a volatile, violent place right now. Peace will never come for everyone, because there is an enemy who stalks us, seeking our destruction. But perhaps...perhaps we could make peace with the neighbor we've fought with, or the relative we've feuded with, or the former best-friend whom we haven't spoken to in two years. Perhaps, instead of exploding the next time someone cuts us off in traffic, we could take a deep breath and let it out slowly-because it's not that big of a deal. And perhaps, most importantly, we could make peace within our own hearts. And the only way to do that is God. Peace begins within. If their is no inner peace, there can be no true outer peace. We wonder why these militants are so willing to die to make sure others die-it's because they do not have the peace and the love of God within their hearts. They're filling their inner void with something they believe has meaning-because Satan has woven a web of deciet over their eyes and they have been darkened. They need the one true God. Allah will never bring peace.

Father, I pray...for what? I don't know. The Muslims. They think they know you, they think they serve you...but all they do is worship false things. Their lives are expended on things that have no eternal value. I pray they'd see that you don't care if they kneel to pray five times daily, you only care what the condition of their hearts is. I pray they'd see the futility of religious rituals and cry out for You. Their hearts are thirsty, Lord, and if only their devoted hearts could be turned to you. I pray the veil that hides your beauty from them would fall and be broken, shattered, turned ultimately to dust and ashes...and I pray that they would see your face. For that is the only way they'll believe and see and know the truth. Amen.

Friday, September 8, 2006

I love school

I'm three weeks into school. I still feel as though I ought to be doing a bit more work, but that might change since I start having my first tests next week. I absolutely love it. Taking two years off after high school was the absolute best thing I could have done. I enjoy all of my classes, and heck, I even like homework! I just love learning, I reckon. My mom starts back to school today! She's nervous, but I tell her she'll be fine. I know she will be. Anyone who can raise a kid like me can handle school just fine!