Friday, November 9, 2012

Regarding the election

Mr. Barack Obama will have four more years of the privilege of being President of the United States. Whether you are disappointed or elated (or somewhere in between), be thankful that in this democratic republic, we have the opportunity to choose our representatives and leaders; many in the world do not have that privilege. Refrain from castigating or insulting those who hold beliefs different than your own; they are neither ignorant, nor stupid, nor fools, and though you may question their judgement, they have reasons for believing and voting as they do, just like you. If you are a Christian, fulfill your responsibility to pray for the leadership of your state and your country; pray for wise, Godly counsel to surround the President and for the Lord to turn his heart towards Himself. Remember that the Lord is sovereign. Finally, whatever your religious or political beliefs, there are hungry who need feeding, naked who need clothing, hurting who need healing, and homeless who need housing. Reach out to those in need, and show kindness to your fellow being. Always.