Monday, February 4, 2013

spring is coming!

Spring is coming!  I know it's still weeks and weeks away, officially, but this has been such a mild winter, our daffodils came up just after the first of the year and are now showing their cheerful yellow blooms to the world.  I've bought some gladiolus and Stella d'Oro daylilies and lily of the valley and can't wait to plant them!  I'm also going over and over my seed lists, crossing things out here, adding things there, and trying to come to a general consensus on what I am actually going to plant this year!  There are so many beautiful varieties of vegetables and flowers available, and I am having the hardest time deciding on anything!  Of course, school keeps me busy enough that I've not had the time I'd like to spend on my garden plans (which also indicates that the simpler I keep things will probably be the better for me in the future, since I don't get the summer off).  I've started some pansies and violas (Historic Florist Pansy Mix...look it up!  It's gorgeous!) and they are coming up and soon will be time to start peppers and tomatoes!  I put out some fingerling potatoes and garlic the other day, experimentally, since it's been so mild and they were sprouting anyway.  I am so much looking forward to this growing season and to growing a bit of my family's food and having fresh, delicious, organic vegetables and herbs.  Yum!

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